In addition to exercising our physical heart, exercising our generosity of heart may contribute even more to our health and well-being. On a referral basis, Exert Ease will donate a percentage of participation to those in recovery from hardship. Most of us have experienced difficulty some time in our lives, whether it be financial, an illness or a loss.

We would also like to provide you the opportunity to give back. If you are a passionate participant or purposeful fan of Exert Ease activities, you may share your good fortune by lifting the spirits of others on their way to being and doing the same. 

Exert Ease, LLC is solicited by 501 (3) (c)* nonprofit organizations to provide services on a "donation" basis or for less than the publicly stated fees on this site. You may purchase a dedicated class, in the amount of $240, which will go 100% to these organizations so that they may offer an activity/class size up to at least 10, for those who would welcome and be grateful for your support at this time in their life.  When scheduled, it will be held in your name (unless otherwise requested). Thank you so much for sharing your big heart with others.

Essentrics has donated exercises for those in breast cancer recovery on their website free of charge:

For any 501 (c)(3) tax deductible donation & information please go directly to the organization that inquired about hosting class/activity:


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