For the general public. A dynamic, full-body workout that simultaneously combines stretching and strengthening while engaging all the muscles through deliberate, continuous, gentle rotational movements (combining yoga with the movement of tai chi, the safe strengthening of Pilates and the lengthening of ballet). Experience a deep activation stretch that will work through the musculature, skeleton and decompress all the joints, release and help rebalance overused tight muscles and avoid atrophy by activating those other muscles that are rarely used. In addition to toning, sculpting and slenderizing, it is effective for flexibility, balance, mobility, bone and overall strengthening. The program also achieves improved cognition and stress relief by developing mindful body awareness. These are all qualities for both injury prevention and recovery. The workouts focus on shoulders, arms, back and spine, hips, hamstrings, quads, calf, IT band and feet.

This technique is foundational and revolutionary. It is a general fitness practice that can provide the basis for safely building all other workouts and activities. It has been broadly and successfully used by overworked time-constrained business professionals (especially travelers and computer users), overbuilt athletes, and those trying to reverse a period of sedentary lifestyle, e.g. sitting at a desk. The program is hands-off by the instructor. It doesn't require any special equipment, special apparatus, wardrobe or extra square footage. It isn't an overly sweaty workout and you don't wear shoes during it, so all you need is to be wearing comfortable clothes that day, have some water with you, and be able to move yourself. 

An individual can modify this technique to their own maximums- amount of time, pace, range of motion, conditions and circumstances. Benefits are felt immediately and are progressively visible by regularly investing about 135 min. spread over a week's time. Mostly, this new fitness, just plain feels good to move all of yourself, in balanced and fundamental ways that will best enable as active a lifestyle you seek. Because of these tangible results, it is something that you will be motivated to do, creating a good habit and leaving any internal exercise debate behind.

Essentrics is also known as the Esmonde technique, named after the creator and author of Aging Backwards and Forever Painless. Miranda Esmonde-White, best known for her #1 rated Public Television fitness show Classical Stretch (airing since 1999), herself now in her late 60's, is an on-going leader in the industry demonstrating a correct exercise program is about efficiency and longevity. Efficiency- for getting the most out of the time and effort you're investing, with the least amount of risk and expense.  Longevity- for not just working out during our youthful years (although our youth would be wise to include it for preventative reasons) but health over the long term. It will help lessen the likelihood of injuries, surgeries or having to stop all together because it is a fundamental level of fitness that can span a lifetime while being enjoyed.

Essentrics Class Description, 25-45 Minutes